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Are you struggling with work, relationship, or pandemic stress? Have you developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or other drugs? Do you want something different?

Talk to Frankie at the Daniel Clinic is a group of LGBTQIA+ and poly affirmative counselors who can help you identify your preferred life and the steps to achieving it.  We offer teletherapy wherever you are, whenever you need it. Schedule a session above or just give us a call.  

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Your preferred life is within reach. Let our counselors give you tools to identify your preferred life and start to implement change. 



Substance use is a part of our world. If you think you have a problem or need an assessment, please contact us today. 

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Are you uncertain about the direction of your career? Contact us for help to figure out your next steps.  


Aquire tools for communication and strengthen your relationships with the guidance of licensed counselors. 

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Preferred Life

From the time we are small, humans are steered in a specific life direction by parents, teachers, friends, communities, and governments. We are prescribed a race, nationality, culture and gender.  We are appointed a timeline that typically includes graduating from high school, going to college, meeting a significant other, marrying and having children, and retiring.  When our life doesn’t follow these guidelines, we find ourselves feeling uncertain, disappointed, and unsatisfied. However, it is often difficult to differentiate between our own desires and those put upon us by others.


The preferred life theory revolves around letting go of the judgement of others and seeking the life YOU want and deserve.  Let us help you achieve your preferred life.

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