I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are interfering with living their preferred life. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping you. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor and an Internationally Certified Clinical Addictions Specialist. I aim to provide counseling wherever you are, whenever you need it!

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I am a licensed mental health and marriage and family therapy associate. My passion is to work with you from a holistic perspective, as each level of our being is connected and equally important as the next. The theoretical orientations I apply are person-centered and focused on each person’s individual needs and goals. Whatever path or experiences you have provides the right tools and answers for what you want to do next in life. Thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey!

Accepting self-pay, AETNA, PREMERA, sliding fee, and membership subscription.

Simran Manhas, MA, LMHCA, LMFTA


As a licensed mental health counselor associate, I specialize in helping individuals live their authentic lives with integrity, intention and purpose. I provide a judgment free, supportive environment for adults and teens to identify and manifest their personal goals. Collaboratively we will identify the habits or patterns that are holding you back from living your preferred life. I focus on person-centered therapeutic approaches with an emphasis on motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused brief therapy. I am honored to help my client’s not just survive but thrive in today’s uncertain world.

Accepting self-pay, AETNA, PREMERA, sliding fee, and membership subscription.

Emma Jay Byfield, MA, LMHCA

I work with clients who are dealing with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, challenges with self-worth and unhelpful thinking, trauma, PTSD, relationships and feeling stuck. I help clients realize their innate wisdom, achieve their goals - whatever they may be, and find new ways of being in a world that is constantly full of challenges. I also work with parents who are struggling with their roles as parents, dealing with guilt and shame that oftentimes comes with parenting and help to find positive solutions with childrearing. ​

Accepting self-pay, AETNA, PREMERA, sliding fee, and membership subscription.

Marie Rule, LSWAIC, MSW, MHP


My intent is to listen, validate, and empower your strengths while challenging the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that continue to create emotional, mental, and physical distress. In therapy, I look for when effective behavior in your life takes place and help you to become more aware of instances when this is happening. I seek to help you define problems, understand your history, and look for solutions to alter behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes which may be contributing to those problems.

Accepting self-pay, AETNA, PREMERA, sliding fee, and membership subscription.