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Eric L. Holmes


I enjoy growth-oriented work: setting goals that challenge and move us forward towards a less conflicted life and a greater understanding. I use a variety of therapeutic models dedicated toward solutions and the restoration of hopefulness. A few of these are Solution Focused therapy: an empowering look at what's possible for the future and what's worked in the past, Bowen therapy working on a persons strengths as an independent being and an eclectic blend of other styles based on what the client needs, wants and will benefit from.

My goal is to establish an environment that's comfortable and safe but affords room for challenge. However, I believe in the competence of my clients and their ability to determine what will work best for them.

Building trust and relationship are the foundations of successful therapy. I build healthy relationships with my clients, modeling healthy interaction and boundaries., as such we can work together to grow and learn how to better move through all the complexities life throws at us! Pull up a chair, sit, be comfortable. Let's explore your potential!

Eric L. Holmes
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