Iris Guzman


Hello and welcome! I work with clients dealing with generational trauma; childhood abuse; PTSD; depression; anxiety; grief; loss and suicide ideation or thoughts; those struggling with coming to terms with their identity by affirming who they are. I also have experience working with educators in public schools facing issues of conflict between loving the work you do and feeling burnt out by it.

I work with clients to uncover deep trauma and its source. I help clients find their inner strength by redirecting negative thoughts and self-talk; set and achieve short- and long-term goals; validate identity; and find new ways of navigating challenges in all aspects of daily living. I also provide support to families facing generational conflicts.

As the first person in my family born in the United States to immigrant parents from Mexico and subsequently being raised by a single mother and having worked for a public school district as a school social worker, I have a unique perspective on facing day to day cultural expectations as well as the reality of burnout in our professional lives.


Iris Guzman