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Jarred Lathrop-Weber


Welcome everyone! I work with all adult populations, teenagers and specialize in working with LGBTQ+ folks. My areas of specialty include depression, anxiety, current or past abuse, gender identity Issues, internalized oppression (of all forms), substance abuse and overall lapses in happiness. Sitting with you I am attuned to how sensitive our social identities contribute to how we feel. I believe we all have a story to tell which is unique and personal. It is my role to bring hope, compassion, respect & knowledge to our time together.

Therapy should be a safe place to explore the depths of your humanity, celebrate your culture and identity, and allow your most positive, beautiful self to surface.

The ultimate goal of therapy is to love and cherish yourself; appreciating how precious you truly are. I will be your advocate and witness on this journey.

Jarred Lathrop-Weber
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