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Sheri Love Earnshaw


It is my goal to foster psychological flexibility, personal accountability, congruence, and access to life force energy for the people that I am serving. It is not my agenda to change people or their experiences of life but rather to increase their capacity to have a full range of experience. It is my hope that ultimately when people gain a bird's eye perspective of themselves that they will rest in self compassion for themselves and ultimately be free to be their authentic selves and recognize their wholeness. By weaving curiosity, openness, acceptance and love into the therapeutic process we can begin healing.

My approach integrates mindfulness-based stress reduction, narrative therapy, compassion focused therapy, nature therapy, somatic therapy, and third wave behavioral therapies such as ACT. I work from a multi-cultural-feminist and LGBTQIA+ affirming, existential, trauma informed, polyvagal and liberation psychology perspective.

I strive for the integration of mind, body and spirit as part of a wellness model. All domains of your lives will be considered. The root of the word consider literally means “to observe the stars”. When sitting with your considerations It is my hope that we can be with the stars and find insights that will help liberate you from suffering.

Sheri Love Earnshaw
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